Mind, Body, Spirit

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Day 3/4

We have all seen the positive slogans. They abound everywhere. You have these slogans on your phone, on your water bottle, on your clothes, just about anywhere. But, unless you have done the work behind the slogan, what does it really mean? Not a heck of a lot. If you stare at a post-it note on your mirror that says “Be Grateful”. Are you really going to be more grateful? I would think not. But if you have a daily gratitude practice and then you see your post-it on the mirror, the reminder has much more significance. You can feel it, not just read it.

Deepak says if we take care of our mind, body and spirit everyday our relationships will blossom. I find that to be so true. This was a reminder to me to pay attention to the intentions I set for myself and re-evaluate. I set the following self-care goals for myself:

Extend my meditation practice to 15 minutes a day

Stay hydrated – track again

Monitor sleep habits – get 7 hours/night

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At this point I was meditating regularly in the morning for about 5-10 minutes. I had done a few longer sessions, but now I wanted to progress my practice. This took a little longer to get comfortable with. I bounced around with different guided mediations, I tried just music, until I eventually found a few I really enjoyed. Now I’d say my practice flows between 15-20 minutes depending on the day.

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Staying hydrated was a goal that I was tracking in my planner. Somewhere along the line I stopped, so in this case, it was obvious to me that I needed to track it to accomplish it. I still do this daily. Between my morning hot green tea, cold green tea after my workout and water in the afternoon, I get it all in.

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I’ve never been one to have much trouble getting to or staying asleep. Only when I was in pain did I have trouble. But because I’m an early riser I need to stay on track with my bedtime. If I stay up past 9:30 I feel it the next day. I have a daily alarm set for 4:45am which gives me just over 7 hours of sleep. I know my body doesn’t need more than that because I couldn’t sleep much longer even if I wanted to. My body likes to be up doing in the morning! Before I started monitoring my sleep I was in the 7 hour range, but I had noticed I had too many nights where I was at 5 hours. I can function, but not well. I become irritable and I make mistakes. Having a clear bedtime made this all much easier.

This week take a look at your self-care routine. Do you have one? If not think about what you could do for yourself. If you already have one, maybe revisit it and see where you can jump back in or tweak it someway. Thanks for being here!

The Healing Power of Sleep

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Day 4

Sleep is SO important! You’ve heard this your entire life, right? But it truly is. We reset our natural biorhythms when we sleep and it’s when we heal. Did you know that meditation is the SECOND most important healing time to sleep? This revelation made me make sleep and meditation a priority for real. A couple of changes I made were the following:

Change my cat’s feeding schedule so she didn’t wake me up so early. (This may seem like a small thing, but I wasn’t going back to sleep after she woke me up, so it was huge!)

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The other change I made was informing my family that they are NOT to wake me up after I’ve gone to sleep to tell me about the random things they need or want the next day. 10pm-11pm seemed to be the hour the kids remembered all the important things they needed to tell me about. Now I have a system where if they need to tell me something that needs to be taken care of first thing in the morning (waking them up early, needing a particular item of clothing clean, a permission slip that needs to be signed) they are to send me a text explaining it. Now I see their texts first thing in the morning and I didn’t need to be woken up. It’s works out great!

If you are at all doubting the importance of sleep I highly suggest you listen to Ariana Huffington speak about her experience with sleep deprivation and what happen to her and the changes she’s made in her life to make sleep a priority. It’s her mission now to make people aware of the science of getting enough sleep. Some people wear their sleep deprivation like a badge of honor, but I think you will see that start to change in our culture. You can still be a highly functioning, successful person AND take care of your body. Totally doable. Watch here https://youtu.be/GHZrjb793FU.

Do you feel like you are getting enough sleep? Are you making it a priority? Try the following:

List the reasons why you may not be getting a restful sleep.

Think about how you could make the changes needed to help you get the sleep you need.

As always, I look forward to your comments! Thanks for being here!