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Day 3

Do you ever notice how you don’t feel tired when life is satisfying? In today’s meditation Deepak explains that when we have organized energy with meaning and purpose, we then have fulfillment in our lives. And we do not except stress and obstacles. Once again, it’s about staying in the flow.

The Centering Thought for today was “When I feel fulfilled, I have enough energy for anything needed.” This really was a bit of a lightning bolt moment. Every since I began my journey and started focusing on all the areas of my life (diet, exercise, spirituality, meditation, having goals, being in nature, volunteering, coping skills, conquering fear, becoming an optimist, building community) and basically pursuing EVERYTHING that makes me happy, I have found an energy that just flat out didn’t exist before. I’m just SO ALIVE. I was always a “doer”. That’s not new. And my Upholder tendency allows me to get done what I want to get done. The difference was the work and intentionally I had put in resulted in so much happiness and energy. I can’t even relate to people who walk around in the “I’m so tired” state. Think about how many people say that to you in a given day. Or maybe it’s you. And I know by looking back that it wasn’t just “one” thing to make this happen for me. It was all the things. I am a work in progress. It is easier to move forward knowing that everything I put into this will comeback ten fold. I keep moving forward in all areas of my life and I also keep finding new areas to learn about!

Take a minute this week to think about how fulfilled you are in your life. Does your life give you energy or drain it? Do you have meaning and purpose that fulfill you? I’m excited to hear all your comments! Thanks for being here!

My True Self

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Day 5

Today’s lesson was really about exploring who you are and the reasons why we feel the desire for more. More food, more distractions, more money. Just more. Why do we feel we are lacking? Deepak say our true selves are whole and if we just “be ourselves” the energy of attraction will be enough.

Now we are getting into the nitty gritty. I had to look at myself and ask “How do I feel unworthy?” And my answer was gut wrenching. My response was:

I’m not smart enough to go back to school.

Ugh. That’s hard to say and even scarier to write. But I’m being totally honest. So, here we go. Because of my family situation at the time, I did not have the opportunity to finish college. My parents were separating and I went to live with my mom which meant kicking in for rent, so I started going to school at night and working full time during the day. Even after I left that situation, I never went back to school full time. I continued working and going to school. I thought, I’ll get done eventually. Fast forward to when I met my husband. We knew from when we were dating that we both wanted kids and that I would stay home with them. It was a shared value. My husband was also going to school at night and we were both paying our own way. So, the plan became, we pay for him to finish school, get married and I would quit school because I was going to stay home with our future children. This is a 20 something’s mentality. I would love to tell my younger self how important it is to finish! And this would hang over my head as a regret that I carried the rest of my life. Not because the degree itself is so important. It’s not really. It’s just the sense of accomplishment. I should have finished. I’ve learned to let that go and move on. But that unworthiness was THERE. I could feel it. This is when I started pondering going back to school in some form. I couldn’t do exactly what I wanted to do which was more in Public Health. I couldn’t at the time, because as I explained earlier, money was focused on COLLEGE for our kids. I could not justify a four year degree for myself at the time. So, I decided getting my certification as a health coach would be perfect. For now. The other dream is not gone!

Next question was, “When did I feel successful?”

Two things came to mind. One, was between my two health episodes, I started selling cosmetics. And surprise! I was GOOD at it. I was always the top representative in our group. I had no idea I had that talent until I tried! Huge confidence booster!

Secondly, would be in my exercise classes with Carrie. I truly felt like anything was possible. (You can find Carrie here transformativetraining.com) There were NO restrictions on what I was capable of and I felt incredibly strong. This carried over into other areas of my life as well. I could see my behavior changing. A combination of strength and confidence from Carrie and calm from my meditation. And it was serving me well.

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Lastly, I was to make a list of words that described my true self. Here we go:


These are words that others have used to describe me and that I feel are at the core of who I am. What a great exercise in self knowledge this was!

This week try to ask yourself those deep questions.

How do I feel unworthy? and When did I feel successful? Then make a list of words that describe your true self. Think of what others say are your positive traits.

Can’t wait to read your comments! Thanks for being here!