The Journey Never Really Ends….

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I never, ever would have guessed the road to recovery for me would end up being so much more than pain relief. I had no idea that my pain was tied to ANYTHING but the injuries I was dealing with. Pain is not necessarily coming from any tissues, discs, injuries, etc. Pain comes from our brain and nervous system. Thank god I learned this or else I would still be going around in circles. And that’s part of the reason I started this blog. I am sure more than ever that some if not most people just don’t know how good they could feel. As I moved from one area of my life to another I just kept feeling better and better. Who knew life could be this good!!! It took working on ALL areas of my life… emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual! Everything on that wellness wheel!! Every single area had lessons for me. BIG lessons. I was like a little kid soaking up all the knowledge. I felt like there were all these secrets about how to live well that no one ever told me or that I ever cared to find out on my own. It took me losing just about everything to find it. I wish it hadn’t taken such a horrific experience to turn myself around, but that is my story. It is SO clear to me that I was supposed to hear this from the universe. Especially since I had to go through it twice to get my act together. I take it as a gift because if it hadn’t happened I’d still be living in my old ways. I wasn’t necessarily so unhappy, but I wasn’t living life well and had no idea how much BETTER it could be. My growth has been tremendous. And it doesn’t end here. I’ll be continuing to work on all these areas of my life to see where it all takes me. Because I’ve learned that one thing leads to another and you never know where it will take you unless you commit to the ride.

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