Know Yourself

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I’m combining a few days here because some of the work I did was repetitive and I didn’t want to repeat myself too much! These three days were dedicated to connecting with our souls. Deepak says “we live in grace when we learn to merge the self and soul.” And that we are the “captains” of our souls. That’s powerful.

Something else he said that really resonated with me was when I heard him say “Nothing is happening out of order in your life.” We never seem to see these things until we look back in hindsight. Some of the most pivotal and important moments of my life where either completely unplanned or unexpected. I already discussed my first pregnancy, which was a “surprise” in a way. (See previous post) Something I say all time is “everything happen for a reason” and I believe that to be so true. Even if you don’t see the reason right away, or sometimes it’s a couple months or years until you can look back and realize why things happened in a certain order in your life.

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If I hadn’t had the shock (and it shouldn’t have been a shock) of coming up with my son’s college tuition money we still would be living without a budget and making all the same money mistakes we always had. That dire situation forced me to take control of our money once and for all. I can’t begin to tell you how different our financial lives are today than they were a year or two ago. I’m always learning and I actually find personal finance kind of FUN now! Who would have guessed?! I was the person literally running away from budgeting in any form because I thought it would limit my spending. But the complete opposite is true. It’s incredibly freeing when every dollar is accounted for. Sometimes the absolute worst situations bring on the best possible changes.

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Deepak explains that when you blossom into who you really are you can embrace the power of fulfilling your dreams. I love that! I’ve been blossoming into who I really am for the past two years!! And yes, it certainly does come with power. It’s all about self perception. There was a time when I thought I couldn’t live without alcohol, cheese and sugar, but guess what? I have been four years now and I don’t even think about it anymore. And do you know why? Because now I know how much BETTER I feel without any of those things. So, there is no temptation. Do I want to feel like crap? Or do I want to feel good? Do I want to live a long, healthy life? Or do I want to end up a host of chronic diseases? Simple really. People tend to think I’m extreme or I’m depriving myself, but it’s just knowledge (knowledge plus action). When we all learned what cigarettes did to our health, a lot of people quit (not easily I’ll add). To me, this is the same. I don’t smoke for the same reasons I don’t eat sugar.

How to take action:

With the goal of getting to know yourself better, try meditating daily to get closer to your true self. When you are self aware it becomes easier to not only know who you really are, but easier to then start to fulfill those dreams!

As always I’d love to hear your feedback! Please comment below! Thank you for being here!

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