Deep Desires

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Day 7

In Day 7 Deepak talks about accessing our deepest desires through meditation. I have to say there is something about doing the mediation practice and then answering the journaling questions that really works in getting clear. If I was to just sit down and say to myself “what are my deepest desires?” I don’t think I would get nearly the honest, clear answers that I would without meditating first. Remember, meditation brings us closer to our true selves. No ego. This is where it gets real.

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First I had to list two desires for companionship. Mine where:

  • A true best friend and confidant.
  • An improved relationship with my husband

Fortunately, I have a lot of friends. But as I said earlier, I was narrowing my tribe down to the people who’s energy was in sync with mine, were supportive and uplifting. But, really, down deep wanted a true, best friend. Someone I could call at all hours, cry my heart out to, laugh with and be COMPLETELY honest. I have bits of that in my friendships now, but I would love a couple of very close girlfriends in my life!! I’m always working on bringing this into my life by having intention, using life visioning and being open and in the flow. I know it will come it’s just a matter of when!

I think everyone wants to improve their relationship with their spouse. This is more complicated than friendships. I’ve learned over the past few years that you just can’t change other’s behaviors. You can only change your own behavior and hope that you lead by example. I’ve seen this work in many ways in my life. I feel like I need a constant reminder of this because we get SO comfortable in our marriages and our spouse tends to bear the load of our worst selves. It’s always a work in progress!

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Second was to list two career desires. Mine were as follows:

  • Find a meaningful part time job in the health/wellness field or volunteer organization.
  • To have my own success.

When I wrote down these career desires, having a part time job seemed like just a hint of an idea. I hadn’t worked in 20 years and the thought of it was jarring. I thought, What will I do? Am I capable? Where will I work? Will anyone hire me? This was also before I decided to get my Health Coaching Certification. It all comes together a few months later when I get very clear on my future goals. This was a first step. Realizing that what I wanted was to be in the Holistic Health and Wellness space in some form. And as far as having my own success, I really hadn’t up to this point. Like I’ve said before, I didn’t even set goals for myself. EVER. So, it’s kind of hard to have success without goals! I really wanted to see what I was capable of. I have big dreams now and goals in place to get there. Just putting this out into the world I have seen the right people show up in my life at the right time to help me achieve those goals. That is the Law of Attraction in action.

I now do have a part time job that I LOVE at my local library. Which checks the “meaningful” box. And I have my blog and book project for the health and wellness side. So, that desire, for now, lead down two different paths.

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Last was to list two desires for my health. Well, that was easy.. That’s how this whole journey got started!!

  • To be pain free.
  • Become strong.

You know by now that my entire journey started with my desire to become pain free. That was the beginning and is still the goal. And getting stronger just goes along with that. It’s all wrapped up together. A work in progress, but so, so close to getting there. The progress I’ve made over the past two years even surprises me when I read my notes. I’m so thankful for all of my journaling during this time. Seeing all my progress and growth in writing is powerful!

So, what would be my emotional outcome from fulfilling these desires? I wrote:

  • Happiness
  • Confidence
  • Well Being

Who wouldn’t want that?! In the end, Deepak says to be less focused on the details of our desires and become open to what will happen as new options present themselves. I’ve learned that changes and disruptions that come usually arrive to teach me something. There is always a lesson and an opportunity to grow. Now I see it, where as before, I only ever saw the stress and worry.

This week I suggest diving into your deepest desires. I highly recommend doing a little meditation practice first. This is incredibly helpful in getting in touch with your true self before beginning. I would love to hear your comments! Thanks for being here!

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