You are Worthy

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Day 10-12

“When you believe you are worthy you will attract abundance into your life and success starts to line up for you.” These were the words that caught my attention on Day 12 of my Meditation Experience. Deepak says “Life should be a rising arch of abundance.”

I had a lot to think about here. My journal notes from this day are hard for me to read but it is my truth at the time so here we go. I wrote:

“I wasn’t brave. I was afraid of everything and everyone. I had no purpose other than motherhood. And even that I could have done better. Never as kind as I could have been.”

It makes me so sad to read these words. But this is how I felt and the realization that I made. Things are so different now. I’ve overcome most of my fears. Because now I know everything I want in life is on the other side of it. And I know that feeling the fear is normal. You just have to move forward anyway. “Feel the fear and do it anyway” is basically my life mantra. I was afraid to start yoga, I was afraid to take a leadership roll with my current volunteer group, I was afraid to start this blog, I was afraid to write a book, I was afraid to look for a job, I was afraid to go back to school and it just goes on and on. The reason why I could do all those things is because I didn’t let the fear define me. I moved ahead despite the fear.

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I was so wrapped up in myself that I rarely reached out to others in need. I make a point to reassess myself constantly. Have I checked in on that friend who is going through a hard time? Am I giving back? Am I making the changes in the world I want to see? I am kind to everyone? These are questions I ask myself often. I always will work on this during meditation. There are guided meditations for EVERYTHING!

Do you feel worthy of abundance? Do you see the law of attraction working in your life? Once you start asking these questions you may see things in a new light!

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