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Day 5

Let’s talk about consumerism for a minute. I’m a product of the 70’s and 80’s. My teen years were spent in the 80’s in Southern California during the height of consumerism. We wanted everything and the best of everything at that. Everything was BIG and MORE. How many earrings can you fit on one ear? As many as possible. This way of thinking never really left me. In the 90’s I was life-building. I got married, had children, bought a home, bought another larger home and then yet another larger home after that. We had luxury cars and our kids never went without. I shopped for sport. Buying new wardrobes for myself and the kids every season. We went on multiple, expensive vacations every year. I remember one summer in particular when we went to Disney World, Hilton Head and New York. Excessive to say the least. And this spending just continued for years and years. Until one day it was time to send our oldest to college.

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At the same time I was getting our finances in order I was reading about minimalism and basically our throw away society. I was also becoming much more aware of the environment, plastic pollution and climate change. All of this together suddenly made me rethink how I was living. Also, the meditation work I was doing was leading me down this path of where true happiness lies. And let me tell you it’s not in the stuff. I no longer shop for sport. I shop when I actually need something. Not when I want it. Seasonally, there will be a few things I’ll need to replace and I will. But I no longer spend recklessly. And I never, ever, pay full price for anything. Not necessary with all the cool apps to help you with codes and cashback! If you want to read more about rejecting consumerism please click here for more information.

The best way to describe it is that it was a mindset shift that happen over time. Deepak says “Nothing is enough when not in the present moment. We are never satisfied. When we express thanks, we are aligned with the universe.” More reasons to STAY PRESENT.

I also suggest reading Cait Flanders book A Year of Less. I loved this book and it really made me look at my own life, how to get out of debt and reject consumerism.

Thanks for being here!

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