Building My Tribe!

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Day 4
At this point in my journey I had found myself involved in several new adventures. I was attending my new yoga studio regularly and had gotten to know the teachers and other students. It was another new group. I was also getting involved in local politics, becoming an activist without even realizing it. I began see friends on a regular basis. Lunches, movies, book signings, coffee, you name it.

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My tribe was building. And it felt amazing. Suddenly I had the group I had wanted and needed in my life. It’s all about making the effort. I’ve talked before about taking action when it came to all the changes I was making in my life and this was no different. Every area of my “wellness wheel” (see previous post) had action steps. Nothing happens if you just look at a post it with a slogan on it every day. That will not change your life. It’s about knowing what you need to do and then taking steps, even tiny ones, every single day towards your end goals. Suddenly life just gets better.

Deepak says this is grace working in our lives. According to Deepak, when we express gratitude, grace responds. Suddenly you are in the flow and moving forward in your life. Things become effortless, he says. It’s a shift that I felt and still feel 100%.

Are you feeling the grace in your life? If so please share it below. I’d love to hear your comments! Thanks for being here!

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