It’s the Little Things

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Day 3

I’m always saying “It’s the little things.” Because it truly is. Gratitude can come from the most simple things. It’s the multitude of these little things adding up to the whole that create happiness.

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This week I was to list a few simple things that made me happy. Here we go:

Seeing the birds at my feeders
Walks in the warm sunshine
Hot baths

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When I have a day that hits all of those things, I’m generally very happy. They are mood boosters in the most simple way. I’m grateful for them.

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Next, I was to think of a recent experience that I enjoyed. For me it was a concert my husband and I attended. I’ve talked about the fact that we are both music lovers and see a lot of shows. One of my favorite was seeing U2 a few years ago. I’ve been a fan for 32 years!! But this was my first time seeing them. I absolutely LOVE being in the presence of the artists I love so much and appreciate. And sharing that with thousands of other people is such a communal experience. Few things make as happy as going to a show. It can be transcending.

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I am a big morning person. No surprise there, but during this time in my life I became utterly obsessed with sunrises. I was taking pictures just about every morning. If you were following my Instagram at that time you would see I was constantly posting pictures of the sunrise! The absolute stunning beauty of the sunrise floored me. And sunrises are so peaceful. I just love the combination of the early morning, the quiet and the beauty. This is something to be grateful for!

This week think about what are the small things you are grateful for. Make a list and then continue to use a gratitude notebook to record this simple pleasures. Before you know you will have an entire year’s worth of things to look back upon and see the richness of your life.

Can’t wait to hear your comments! Thanks for being here!

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