Elevate Yourself

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Day 2

Taking the gratitude notebook practice to the next level was what I got out of the next day’s practice. Not only was I to list 3-5 things I was grateful for, but then to say thank you for them. This is where the grace happens. We are changing pathways in our brains, according to Deepak Chopra. This daily practice will elevate your gratitude practice into something you can feel and experience.

The day of this particular meditation I wrote the following:

Today’s three good things:

My family
A nourishing meal
The birds at the feeder

Simple gratitude. Taking the time to recognize these things was the change for me. Really visualize the thankfulness. To have it in my life.

Next I was to recall a time when I told someone how much I appreciated them. That was easy. It was when I told my personal trainer, Carrie how much I appreciated her. I tried to tell her as often as I could. (see my previous posts for more on how much Carrie has helped me in the past). When I told her, instead of just a blanket “thank you”, she told me how much she appreciated that I trust her. Oh, I didn’t expect that! See what happens when you start sharing your gratitude? It comes right back at you!

A few take-aways for me from these exercises was to not just write down five things I’m grateful for each night. I needed to express my gratitude to those I was maybe taking for granted or someone who should KNOW how much I appreciate them. I decided to do the following:

Be more considerate of what my husband Mike wants.
Write a note or give a small gift to A.
Don’t be bitchy around Carrie because of the changes she made to her program.

Yes, I got very upset when I heard that Carrie was making changes to the program I loved so much! I saw it as the end of my progress, but honestly, it was just the beginning. Carrie was just trying to move forward in her business and I took it extremely personally. Mistake! The truth is, the changes led me down another path where I increased my yoga (which I so desperately needed to do) AND allowed me to try different strength classes at my local rec center. Now I’m taking classes I NEVER would have considered myself ready for and guess what? I’m just fine! And getting stronger all the time!! I was ready but needed a BIG push. This is the universe at work again. Every time I think I’ve hit a wall or something has happen that I find devastated and I fall to tears, I find it results in bigger and better things in my life. Every time. Sometimes we can’t see how the universe is working but it always is.

This week try a gratitude practice that includes a thank you visualization. Let yourself feel the emotions that come with that practice. Then let me know how it goes!! I can’t wait to hear your comments! Thanks for being here!

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