Goal Setting Part 2

Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com

After learning how to craft my goals I created my Big Goal as suggested in The 10 Keys to Happier Living. My Big Goal was “To Have a Job with Purpose”. With three scenarios.

Scenario number 1 Become a Health Coach
Scenario number 2 Become a Food Activist
Scenario number 3 Write a Book

Next was my Common Sub Goal, which was “Finish Health Coaching Certification”.

And my Specific Sub Goals looked like this.

Read/Use Christy Whitman’s Business Book
Look into part-time work in this field
Listen to Wellness Podcasts
Look into Food Advocacy
Have a Website
Start a Blog
Start Writing a Book

Photo by Plush Design Studio on Pexels.com

It’s amazing to me to see where all of this started for me. Looking at my three scenarios, I have achieved the goal of becoming a Health Coach. Yay! And I’m in the process of writing my book as I type this! I’m still working on the Food Activism goal. But it is in the works! I also achieved some of my Sub Goals. I started my blog! As you can see! I also started writing my book and I’m currently researching ways I want to get involved in Food Advocacy and Public Health. I actually have read Christy Whitman’s book Business Boutique and I LOVED it. I’m just not there yet. At this time, I’m working part-time, not in the the wellness industry, but in another love of mine, the library. After I’ve written my book, I plan to launch a Health Coaching business, set up my website and at that time I’ll dive into using Christy’s book.

I’m really happy with how things are going right now. I’m working in a field I LOVE. I’m also blogging and writing within the space I want to be in the future. Win-win!

How is your goal setting going from last week? Can’t wait to hear about it! Thanks for being here!

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