Final Thoughts

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Day 19-21

These meditation practices are so healing for me. It’s like what I image therapy must be like! I probably should have had some therapy along the way in my life. Deepak ends by talking about wholeness being a completely healed state. Deepak explains that “we can meditate our problems to solutions and allows us to be a healing force.”

Knowing that I have the power to heal myself and others is pretty amazing. It truly is an awakening (hence the name of my blog). I am now awake. I was not before. These are true statements. And it’s pretty obvious when walking through this world how many people are not awake. I’m thankful every day that I’m no longer living that way. I’m not only a happier person, everyone around me is happier (emotional contagion). I can speak my mind forcefully, but respectably. These may sound like lessons for a child, but honestly, somewhere along the line these were areas missed in my youth. So, better late than never.

That’s all for this week! Short and sweet! Next week I’m switching gears to talk about The 10 Keys to Happier Living! Thanks for being here!

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