Mind Shift

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Day 12-15

As I came towards the end of my 21 Day Meditation Experience, the focus became more on who we are and our own journey. Deepak says “You are what you think”. This is true on so many levels. He explains that we are a projection of our core beliefs and those beliefs become actions and truths we live by. When you have an a-ha moment, a shift occurs and your beliefs change. This is basically the truth of my entire journey and why I finally felt the need to get it out to the world! I had a couple of major a-ha moments during my journey. First being my realization that my pain was not all physical. (see Explain Pain) Second, I learned how important having true purpose was. Third, overcoming fears is the key to moving forward in life. And Fourth, authenticity is freedom. These are BROAD strokes of what I learned. And this blog is basically breaking all that down for you. But each of these were a mind set reset and a major a-ha moment that took me in a new and different direction. The bottom line is what I was doing wasn’t working for me anymore. I needed a new way to live. It became my focus to “get better at life” or continue living in pain and fear.

Deepak says we need to go beyond our story. We get stuck on our story. I’m not good at this or that, I can’t fill in the blank. These are labels we give ourselves and then we tend to live by. I certainly did that. Fear dominated everything I did. Now, I just DO. There is SO much happiness and freedom in that. When you open yourself up to living, life becomes amazing.

Have you had an a-ha moment that created a mind-shift for you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! Thanks for being here!

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