Toxic People

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Toxic people. We all know who they are. They are friends, co-workers and family members. Now that I had learned how to become an optimist, I also needed to learn how to keep the negative people out of my life. Some of this is in our control. I can choose my friends. But family members and co-workers are another story. You can absolutely set boundaries with family members. And for the very first time in my life, I did it. It’s not pleasant. Without going into too much detail, for this persons privacy, I had decided that if this family member was going to be in my home, the rules were going to change. I did not and would not accept the gloomy negativity and comments or the crying and the drama anymore. I’ve done too much work to let that happen to myself or my family. Remember, emotions are contagious! So choose wisely who you allow into your space. I really don’t buy the attitude that just because someone is related by blood you have to spend time with them or forgive all their destructive ways. I choose the people I surround myself with and that includes family members as well.

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Co-workers are another story. There is no escape! I recently heard Christine Lang’s Tiny Class on the Sheri and Nancy Show podcast about how to “cleanse your energy”. She says when encountering negative energy to say to yourself “Please clear me of energy that isn’t good.” Another strategy, which is the one I try to use, is to use visualization by visualizing yourself in a stream with water running over you and the stream is carrying everything out through your head to the feet. Another visualization she recommends is visualizing yourself going through a car wash, cleansing yourself of the bad energy. She suggests using these strategies a couple times of day as needed. I think these are very helpful in a work situation where you may not have another choice. If you want to learn more about Christine Lang or her “Shielding yourself from negative energy” talk, you can find her here.

Do you have toxic people in your life? This week think about whether it’s in your best interest to keep them in your circle or is it better to learn techniques to shield yourself from emotional contagion? I’d love to hear your feedback! Please comment below! Thanks for being here!

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