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Learning more about Ayurveda and the Dosha types are one of my goals for 2020. During my healing journey I touched on it briefly. Enough to get me interested. However, at the time I was focused on more dire needs. What I learned was so interesting though. And I’m really excited to learn more about it in the future!

Ayurveda, if you aren’t familiar, is a traditional Hindu system of medicine, based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment and yogic breathing. It’s basically the world’s oldest holistic healing system. The idea behind Ayurveda is that there is a balance between the mind, body and spirit. And I was certainly looking for that!

There are three main body types in Ayurveda. Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which are called Doshas. First, I took an online quiz to figure out my type. Turns out I am Pitta-Vata. From what I determine from the results, I am a two-dosha type (which is common). My Pitta type is more prominent in my mind and the Vata type is more prominent in my body. Here are the characteristics of each according to

Pitta Characteristics (my mind type)

Mind – Sharp, intellectual, direct, precise, discerning
Body – Medium build, warm, muscular
Skin – Sensitive, prone to acne and flushing
Hair – Tendency towards early graying or thinning
Appetite – Strong, can eat almost anything, anytime
Routine – Precise and organized
Temperament – Passionate, ambitious, courageous
Conversation Style – Speaks to convey a point
Shopping Style – Spends on luxury items
Stress Response – Tendency to blame others and ask “What did you do wrong?”

I relate completely to the Pitta characteristics on mind, routine (100%), temperament, conversation style (to a fault) and stress response (guilty!)

My second strongest dosha is the Vata type.

Vata Characteristics (my body type)

Mind – Quick, creative, imaginative
Body – Thin, light frame
Skin – Dry
Hair – Dry
Appetite – Delicate, spontaneous, tendency to skip meals
Routine – Variable, spontaneous
Temperament – Welcomes new experiences, enthusiastic, friendly, energetic
Conversation Style – Loves to talk
Shopping Style – Buy, buy, buy!
Stress Response – Tendency to blame oneself and ask, “What did I do wrong?”

Again, I see characteristics in myself, but this time in my body type. Mostly, body (dry skin and hair, yes unfortunately!), temperament (spot on), shopping style (the old me or if I was to completely let go, this would be my default).

I went on to learn about some tips on how to keep myself healthy based on my type. For my Vata mind type, there a couple of suggestions here that I realized I already do! And one or two I didn’t. Because I tend to be dry there is a lot of focus on hydration inside and out. Taking a bath with essential oils and drinking warm drinks throughout the day. I make a point of doing this now. I’ve always loved taking bathes, but now the oil adds a whole other layer to the experience! Also, it was suggested I use oils on my skin which I haven’t done recently. I really do love essential oils. I haven’t dove into them as deep as I would like to. Something else for 2020!

For my Pitta mind type the suggestions where focused on meditation with intention, waking up early to develop a good routine, both of which I was doing consistently. Where I was falling short was enjoying relaxation with friends and family and leaving “white space” on my calendar. Oh, that was a big one. Pitta’s tend to over schedule themselves. I constantly do that. I LOVE a full calendar! Occasionally though, it will backfire and I’ll end up stressed because I over scheduled myself. Leaving some space is a good lesson for me to learn to take that trigger out of my life.

Do you want to learn more about Ayurveda? You can go to to learn more. And if you are interested in the Dosha quiz, head over to to find our your type! I’d love to hear about your type! Thanks for being here!

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