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Day 10 and 11

“Everything is as it should be.” According to Deepak Chopra the lessons of Day 10 and 11 were to show that our awareness is flexible and adaptable. I’ve touched on this before, but let’s be clear, I liked controlling situations. Actually, I thought I needed to control situations. The source of so much of my stress and anxiety was me just festering over “what’s going to happen”. Will my kids get on that team? In the “right” class? get picked in the audition? etc. Letting go of a particular outcome was difficult for me to say the least. I’m learning to go with the flow and have come so, so far. I know now that whatever the outcome is, that is meant to be. And if I don’t get what I want, it’s because something better is on it’s way. I’ve seen this happen over and over again in my life. Every time something I love comes to an end, be it a class, an instructor changes when they are teaching, or a particular thing I’m doing becomes too expensive to continue, whatever it is, the outcome of that is ALWAYS better than the original thing I was doing. It’s like the universe is FORCING me to change. Because those were choices I wouldn’t have made on my own. Things I was so disappointed about changing turned out some of the best things in my life. And they all have come to me as a result of those forced changes.

My biggest regret is that I did not learn this sooner, especially when my kids were younger. All the time and stress and yelling about things that really weren’t important. Who cares if it takes 10 minutes for my kids to put on their shoes? I really wish I would have chilled out. I will be the best grandma EVER to make up for all the frustration and anger that my kids endured with me. Live and learn.

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Deepak explains that there are three elements to master for flow. First is flexible consciousness, which is to receive with an open mind. Be open and nonjudgmental. And don’t resist. (DON’T RESIST! I should really have that hung on a wall in my house on put on my refrigerator so I see it everyday!) Second, go with the flow to arrive at full manifestation. Going with the flow requires practice. Which I am constantly working on. And third, remain centered. Which comes with meditation practice.

Even in meditation if I let thoughts take over, which I have, completely losing the mantra, I learned that eventually going back to the mantra means our attention is flexible. It’s a good lesson. I’m not striving for perfection, I’m a work in progress. Because I know the more self growth that is happening in my life and happier and more productive my life becomes. It’s incredible to watch.

How about you? Are you feeling life you are living in the flow? Take some time this week to focus your awareness and see if you are being rigid for a particular outcome to happen in your life. What would happen if you started to no resist? And had a more open mind about the outcome of the situation?

I can’t wait to hear your comments! Thanks for being here!

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