Wellness Wheel

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Somewhere along my journey I ran across the Wellness Wheel. Have you ever seen or worked with one? You can find it here. https://www.unh.edu/health/well/wellness This wheel really sums up what I was trying to do in my life and in a way, is all of Health Coaching in one place. It basically took all the areas I was working (and still working) and put them in another format for me to see. Which is helpful because I added to my goals by completing this little project.

The categories of the wheel are the following:


It also helped me focus on areas that I wanted to bring into my life like, Environmental, but had no real goals yet on how to do that. Similar to a vision board but much more detailed and more focused on each area of your life. If you are a listener to The Sheri and Nancy Show podcast, you know they focus on these areas by calling them “pillars”. That works too! And they retitled some of them, but in the end it’s the same idea. I love it. I love anything that gives structure to my goals.

My notes in each category are as follows:

Create a budget
Pay off all debt

Become and optimist (ABCDE strategies)
Refute and dispute my own beliefs
Become skilled at generating alternatives
Problem solve

Get involved with Plastic Pollution movement

Goodreads Reading Challenge
Read every day
Learn a craft
Take a class

Find a job with purpose and meaning

Strength classes
Massage and physical therapy
Try walking, computer, different shoes

Say yes to all invitations
Book club
See parents often
Make lunch dates
Visit family
Connect with positive people. Keep negativity out.

Meditate daily
Gratitude journal
Get outside
Nature events
No multitasking

This was just the beginning of what I truly achieved when I started focusing on all these areas. The key was to break them down into little steps and get those actions ON MY CALENDAR! I would block out time to work on all of them. I LOVE a full calendar. It means I’m working towards everything I want to achieve.

If you would like to try using the Wellness Wheel click the link above to get started! I’d love to hear your feedback! Thanks for being here!

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