The Wholeness of Time

Day 17/18

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Everything is designed for wholeness. Especially in nature. Deepak says “not to measure your life in bits and pieces. The true nature of yourself is the wholeness of the universe.” Maybe that’s a little woo-woo for you. I believe we are all part of something bigger which in turn makes us feel whole. For me I feel this way clearly when I’m meditating and secondly, when I’m in nature.

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Being in nature is a very new thing for me. I’ve never, ever been outdoorsy. I’ve only camped a handful of times most of which were with the Girl Scouts when I was very young and then once in my twenties. It was not my favorite thing to do. I didn’t enjoy the bugs, the dirt or the discomfort of being outside. I was a city girl. Raised in the city of Pittsburgh until I was 11 then moved to Southern California and from there to Northern Virginia just outside DC. The only thing I did outside was go to the beach. Which I loved but not for the reasons I love being in nature now.

Many studies show the health gains for those in contact with nature. Read more about the studies here: Which then made me take it more seriously. Later it became part of my goals, vision board and 18 for 18 which I will explain later!! But I can see in my notes from this meditation experience I wrote “I feel whole when at a national park – do more often”. That was the beginning. My first thoughts of getting out in nature with purpose. Which I do regularly now and LOVE! I will have a lot to say on the subject when I talk about my vision board for 2018. But for now, I’ll say that I appreciate being outside more than I ever have before in my life. I feel like I’ve uncovered some sort of secret world in the parks I’ve been visiting! Of course, there is an entire community of people in on this world of nature. I’m just a newbie. I feel like a little kid taking pictures of all the creatures and beauty around me. I notice everything now. I’m being mindful.

How about you? Where do you feel most whole? Try the following:

List experiences that make you feel whole and present. This could be while meditating, hiking, yoga, etc.

Take a look at your list and pick one or two things to bring into your life more often.

Your overall happiness will increase when you begin to start seeing yourself as part of the wholeness of the universe.

Can’t wait to hear your feedback! Please comment below! Thanks for being here!

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