Day 5

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Deepak says “All renewal occurs in the now.” At this point I had learned how important is it to stay present. And that meditation is a form of healing, just as sleep is. The focus for me now was to make it a priority in my life.

The science behind meditation is so clear. The repetitive nature of meditating actually changes the pathways in your brain. Which in turn creates a healthier you! To read more click here. http://

My take away here was a reinforcement of what I already knew. Mediation HAD to be a priority. It’s non negotiable. I have seen such changes in my behavior since I started my practice. Things that would send me off, stress me out or make me angry just don’t anymore. I even surprise myself!! I certainly had a moment at my daughter’s dance competition a year or so ago that would have the old me ranting and raving, angry and yelling. But I didn’t. I remember thinking, it will all be fine. I knew it would work out. But would it? The truth was I just wasn’t worried or stressed about the outcome. I was in the flow and completely calm. This startled my mom who was with me. She said she couldn’t believe how calm I was! Because if anyone has seen the old me in all my glory, it’s my mom! The calmness and the retraining of my brain that happens in mediation had carried over into my everyday life. It’s a wonderful thing!

Do you have a mediation practice? Are you seeing results in your everyday life? Again I will suggest picking up a mediation practice if you haven’t already done so!

Download a meditation app such as Insight Timer, Headspace or Calm.

Create a habit of meditating daily for 1 minute to start and build from there.

Please comment below! Thanks for being here!

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