Welcome to my wellness blog!

I’m so excited to being blogging about my journey into health and wellness! My name is Mona and I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach. My story begins five years ago with the first of two debilitating episodes to my health. On this blog I will share the story of what happen to me, my reaction to it, how I recovered (twice) and everything I learned about health, wellness, happiness and myself along the way. This isn’t a place to be preachy or stuffy. I’m just me, telling you what I’ve learned and what worked and what didn’t. I found I was so passionate about this topic I decided to earn my certification in Health Coaching which I completed this year (yay!). Some of you may already be familiar with the information I write about here or this may be brand new information to you. Either way I hope you can always take something away and apply it into your life in some way. More than anything else I did for myself in the last five years, it was TAKING ACTION that had the most impact. Knowledge is great, but without action there won’t be progress. For me, getting over fears was a huge obstacle but with the encouragement of my personal trainer (more on that later), finding my tribe (and even learning I needed to do that), knowledge learned through books, podcasts, classes, etc., I moved forward. And I’m still moving forward. Constantly working on myself and living in an “atmosphere of growth” as Gretchen Rubin would say :). So, in that vain one of my goals here will be to provide actionable steps you can take every week to improve your overall health and wellness. And that includes mental, physical, social, environmental, emotional and spiritual health. These are super broad categories and there will be SO much to cover! And that gets me really excited because I could talk about this subject all day! Next time I will dive into more that you can ponder for your own life, for now I just wanted to give a little intro to myself and what this blog will be about. If you would like to be notified of new posts please subscribe below :). Also, I love comments! Can’t wait to hear all the feedback!

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

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